Empire State Building - Q&A for Visitor Reception Desk


Q. What is the latest that I can enter a name in VMS?  Can it be done same day?


A. Yes, Guests can be registered any time and will be available for checking in immediately.


Q. If a tenant has “regular” or frequent guests; will it be necessary to pre-register them each time?


A. No, you will be able to schedule a reoccurring appointment.


Q. Will the procedures for evenings and weekends be the same (i.e., pre-registration, or call-up prior to access)?


A. Yes


Q. Can I contact the Visitor Desk directly if I have question or concerns?


A. Yes, you can email the visitor desk directly at visitordesk@esbnyc.com with any questions.


Q. Must entries be time-specific?  That is, if a tenant knows that a guest will be coming, but does not know the exact time, will they still be able to pre-register the guest?


A. You must enter a time when the gust is visiting the building.  If a guest arrives much earlier or much later after the scheduled visit, there is a possibility they will not be admitted, without verbal approval.


Q. Will temp employees be required to check in at the concierge desk each morning to get up to their jobs? 


A. If the temp employee is not a credentialed tenant with an active ID card they will be required to visit the desk each morning for a new card.


Q. Some of my visitors might not have identification, will they be allowed into the building.


A. All visitors must have a Government issued identification, drivers license, or passport from their country.  Persons without presenting their identification will not be admitted.


Q. Can we designate someone from our offsite office to register visitors?


A. Anyone who registers a visitor must first be a credentialed ESB tenant with a valid ESB ID card. If you do not have a valid ESB ID card you can not invite visitors.


Q. My name has an apostrophe in it, how will the VMS recognize apostrophes?


A.  The VMS system has intelligence to recognize both an apostrophe and names without.